What is Endpoint Security?

What is Endpoint Security?

Our Advanced Endpoint Protection is, well, advanced! It is a zero trust architecture. That means that we assume nothing is trusted until proven otherwise. Traditional antivirus solutions do the reverse and assumes everything is okay until it’s not. That’s not acceptable in today’s world.


Fast Assist Endpoint Security encompasses two key layers and a plethora of sub-layers of security on the Endpoint. Our Endpoint Protection is managed and integrates into our Endpoint Management agent. Empowering us with advanced levels of monitoring and management of your Endpoints to provide the highest level of protection possible today while being fast and responsive so not to hinder production. This is all thanks to Comodo’s powerful suite of Advanced Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Management solutions.

Features of our Advanced Endpoint Protection include:

  • Auto-Containment – Protect endpoints against 100% of unknown threats, without impacting user productivity.
  • Expert Human Analysis – 24/7/365 expert analysis of more sophisticated threats.
  • Fast Verdicting/Forensic Analysis – While unknown files are in containment, the files are immediately analyzed in the cloud by Comodo’s Valkyrie Verdicting Engine using a combination of artificial intelligence and human analysis. 95% of unknown files return a verdict in under 45 seconds! 5% are sent to human security experts with a 4 hour SLA! Security experts are on call 24/7, analyzing more sophisticated threats, returning a verdict in less than 4 hours.
  • Web URL Filtering – Advanced interface to create rules as required – user-specific, sweeping, or as granular as desired.
  • Software Firewall – Offers high-level security against inbound and outbound threats, stealths computer’s ports, manages network connections, and blocks confidential data transmission by malicious software.
  • Antivirus – Features multiple technology-based automatic detection, cleansing and quarantining of suspicious files to eliminate malware and viruses.
  • File Lookup Services (FLS) – Cloud-based instant analysis of unknown files that checks file reputation against Comodo’s master whitelist and blacklists.
  • Host Intrusion Protection System (HIPS) – monitors important operating system activities to ensure protection against malware intrusion.
  • Viruscope (Behavior Analysis) – Behavior of all processes are monitored for potential harmful action.
  • Valkyrie – An exclusive system of Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection. Statically and dynamically analyze unknown threats in the cloud. With Valkyrie, Fast Assist can provide a detailed analysis report on any process that has been contained for analysis.
  • Fileless Malware Protection – This is a fairly new method of infecting endpoints without the use of any files. This method circumvents many of the alternative security solutions out there. With Fast Assist Endpoint Protection you are protected even against these types of threats!
  • Real-time Visibility – Combined with our Endpoint Management, our technicians can see the state of your endpoints in real-time. Got your own IT department or staff? Want to see what we can see? We got you covered! While we see real-time information for all of our clients, we can email your IT staff their own logins where they can have access to the Endpoint Management related just to your company assets.

  • Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) – This is a new feature we are adding in June of 2019. EDR allows us to collect forensic data on every process from the time the Endpoint fires up to the time it shuts down. Telemetry data is collected on ALL processes whether trusted or not and stored in the cloud for up to 90 days for us to be able to trace exactly what happened at any given moment. EDR will also alert us to any suspicious activity that could be the sign of tampering with the security of your Endpoints. Below is a sample time tree to show you what we mean by telemetry data. We were pretty blown away ourselves at the level of detail we can see with EDR. This is only a very small example of what we can see but this data alone clearly shows what a process is doing and yes, we can tell when it did it as well. We believe that this level of information, with instantaneous, real-time, continual forensic analysis of process activity, will prove invaluable in providing state of the art endpoint security over the coming years and we are excited to be able to offer this level of service. Cwatch EDR is also an exclusive of Comodo’s powerful Suite of Endpoint Management and Advanced Endpoint Protection.

All of these high level cyber security services are included within our Fast Assist Monthly Support plans.