Web Hosting & Software Application Development

Web Hosting & Software Application Development

A Custom PHP developer shop

We customize WordPress templates, develop custom PHP based web and database applications, etc.

PHP represents over 80% of the web based applications on the market today.  It is the go to standard for turning visionary concepts into reality.  Wordpress, Drupal, Laravel, Symfony and Magento are all based upon the PHP server side programming language, not to mention many other common application platforms.  The developmental tools for PHP are extensive and combining PHP with MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript and AJAX to name a few, we can create and make alive just about anything that you can envision.

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Under our web application development services you will have:

  • Access to the source code of the project from day 1
  • Interaction with the project while in development
  • Able to comment on issues and create new issues related to the project
  • Versioning, Project Milestones and project development metrics

We can host all websites and custom web applications on our own servers.  Our hosting includes:

  • 99.9% industry standard uptime
  • 24/7 automated monitoring of website/application for uptime
  • Hosted on our own VPS servers with no exposure to non-essential ports/services
  • We intentionally limit the number of domains that will be hosted on a single VPS to minimize potential attack vectors
  • For WordPress sites, we constantly monitor and configure for automatic updates to limit exploit potential.