We offer an advanced VoIP PBX managed solution that we host ourselves in the cloud using 3CX for an enterprise class phone system combined with CallCentric for a SIP trunk solution.

A starting package includes 3 SIP Channels/Lines for unlimited inbound calls with a single DID (phone number) via Callcentric and unlimited extensions for $60 per month with a free 3CX annual license for 4 simultaneous calls.  Simultaneous calls are either inbound or outbound calls or calls being made between extensions.  The base setup includes call queuing, IVR/Digital Assistant, Voice Mailbox, Call Parking, Music on Hold etc.  Talk to one of our representatives for specific details and for pricing for a higher number of simultaneous calls.

We do not lease phones to you, you purchase these from us and we configure and deploy.  We recommend the Grandstream GXP-2160 for 3CX phone system.  It includes bluetooth capabilites for wireless headsets, up to 6 virtual lines, 24 programmable BLF keys, Gigabit Ethernet dual ports for daisy chaining your desktop PC.  The phones run approximately $120 to $150 per phone and will work anywhere that there is internet access.  We can make these phones wireless capable for a modestly priced addition.

You can also use the free 3CX softphone app on your desktop PC or mobile device.  The 3CX app is also a great way to toggle your status on the phone system (available, away, do not disturb, lunch, etc).

Contact us for a complete list of 3CX certified VoIP phones (phones certified to work with 3CX).

3CX also supports higher end phones such as the Yealink T58V.  Call us for details for a specific phone model.

If you would prefer to lease phones or want to go a different route than 3CX, we can also refer you to one of several solutions providers that we partner with.

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