Onsite & Remote Computer Support

Onsite & Remote Computer Support

See below about our onsite support and remote support terms and conditions.

We offer onsite computer support in the following and surrounding areas of the Cumberland Plateau Tennessee area:

The following rates are for break/fix service calls, that is you do not have a monthly support plan with us.  For lower rates, you might want to consider one of our monthly support plans.

Onsite Support – There is a one hour minimum for onsite support at a rate of $95 per hour plus Tennessee sales tax. Travel outside of Cumberland County TN will be invoiced a travel rate charge of $60 per hour for one-way travel to your location on a per hour basis with a one hour minimum for non-contracted clients. If you are outside of our normal service area of Cumberland and surrounding counties, we will reach out to you in advance of service as additional travel expenses might be involved. Most issues can be dealt with in one to two hours, however, we may reach out to you and extend the scheduled time based upon the information you provide. Also, booking for an hour does not guarantee that services will be completed in exactly one hour. Actual service time may vary. Also, our billable rates might be lower than quoted if you are on one of our monthly support plans.

Remote Support is where we remote into your computer either while you are at your computer or, if you are one of our Remote Monitoring and Management clients, we can remote into your server or workstation at anytime. As of June 15th, 2021, remote support is billed in half-hour increments with a minimum of one-half hour at $95 per hour ($47.50 per half hour) plus Tennessee state sales tax, unless you are subscribed to one of our monthly support plans.  Remote Support is available for anyone anywhere within the United States. Appointments are booked in 30 minute blocks, but this is not an indication or promise that service will be completed within 30 minutes. Actual time will vary on a case by case basis. 

Consultation – If you need consultation for a website, web application, network infrastructure or any other IT related consultation, you can now book our initial consultation with you by choosing this service. Some consultations may be free and others may involve a charge at our regular service rate. It will depend upon what we are consulting on. Consultation may be onsite at your place of business or by phone/online. If onsite, we might reach back out to you to reschedule to accommodate any travel involved. Customers outside of our normal service area might not be able to be consulted onsite. Booking for an hour does not guarantee that our consultation visit will be completed in exactly one hour. Actual time may vary.

About Billing – We bill for all of our services online via Harvest Time & Expense app.  You will receive an email at some point after service is rendered from notifications@harvestapp.com detailing the technician, date, start and end times as well as technician’s notes about what the issue was and/or what was done.  There will also be a PDF attachment copy of the invoice and all web links in the email will point to fastassist.harvestapp.com for the URL.  There will be a link in the email to pay for service using either your credit/debit card or an ACH transaction via Stripe or you can click on PayPal to pay through PayPal with a debit or credit card or your PayPal account.  You can also mail us a check via our postal mailing address listed on the invoice.   We do not bill or accept payments in advance of services rendered.  We do not take credit cards over the phone.  Absolutely no one from Fast Assist will ever ask you for any form of payment information by phone or email.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please send an email to info@fastassist.biz or call us to speak to one of our staff members.

About Our Team – If someone claims to be from Fast Assist but they are not listed on our website as one of our team members, then they do not work for Fast Assist.  You can click here to see a current list of our team members. We are not aware of any issues like this but we want you to have direct access to our active staff members information, including profile photo, contact information and job title with our company.  We will keep our team page up to date with all current, active staff with your convenience and security in mind.

You can call us at 931-298-0555 Monday thru Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm or use our online booking system to SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT – Click here to schedule an appointment with us automatically.