Fast Assist is a Microsoft Cloud Partner and as such, we can migrate your organization into the modern era of cloud by leveraging the power of Office 365 and Windows 10.

We can assist you with upgrading and/or replacing your endpoints with Windows 10 to get you ready for the cloud. We can migrate your end users from a local Active Directory server to the basic Azure included with Office 365 subscriptions for modern corporate security and authentication utilizing advanced multi-factor authentication technologies. This closes the door on many attack vectors that threaten your organization.

We can either fully migrate you completely into the cloud and shutdown and retire your in-house servers or we can configure your network for a hybrid configuration if you still have some third party applications that the respective software vendors are still working on a viable cloud based solution for their specific app (examples: SoftPro, JobBoss, Sage, etc). We will work with you and your third party software vendors to find out what the best solution is for your specific needs and how best to plan out your migration.

In addition, we can enact policies onto your endpoints without the need of a local Active Directory server and without the need to buy the premium Azure service as well as provide you with superior endpoint client security utilizing our own IT Security Management. This is the most cost effective solution for our small to medium sized businesses.

Speaking of policies, do you have the correct policies setup for email claiming to be from your organization’s domain? With our managed Office 365 service, we configure your SPF, DKIM and DMARC records on your behalf and then monitor the DMARC traffic for you. We receive feedback data from recipient mail servers that tell us if your DMARC policies are doing what they are supposed to do or not. We realize, you may not have a clue what these things are, but they are important to maintaining the integrity and authenticity of your company domain name and your legitimate emails that you send out from it.

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