Our Endpoint Management plans reduce your Total Cost of Ownership and gives you the highest level of endpoint protection available on the market.

Fast Assist Pro (unlimited support) – Endpoint Management & Client Security with unlimited remote and onsite support for maintaining and managing your IT Infrastructure in an SIEM/ITSM/SOP manner by leveraging automation with expert human experience.

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Pricing is $25 per month per endpoint.  This covers remote support, onsite support and licensing for our industry leading Advanced Endpoint Security.  Monthly Support prices vary based on number of endpoints.  If outside Cumberland County TN, travel charges would still apply for onsite service, but onsite labor is included. If you need a different type of monthly support plan, like you do your own in-house desktop support and just need assistance from time to time from us, we can customize a plan to your liking.  Book an appointment for a consultation.

What’s included:

  • Unlimited Remote and Onsite Support for Incident Requests.  Change Requests are subject to review and may fall outside the scope of this support plan.  An Incident Request is a request to fix an IT service or infrastructure that is already in place and covered under our SLA agreement.  A Change Request is when a new service or infrastructure component is being added or removed.  These definitions are part of the ITIL standards that define IT Services and Support around the globe.
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is at the very core of our cloud-based SOC platform that we utilize every day to manage our client’s endpoints and IT Infrastructure. When we onboard your organization’s IT Infrastructure our primary goal is to integrate all aspects of your infrastructure with our ITSM platform to provide a holistic, unified view of what takes place within your infrastructure.
  • Antivirus – The Fast Assist Client Security agent offers “bullet proof” protection as quoted from the developers, Comodo makers of Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection.  Our Client Security is a Fast Assist branded version of AEP and fully integrates with our Endpoint Management system and is routinely monitored by our technicians. 
  • Unknown Process Auto-Containment – Any process on your endpoint that our Client Security doesn’t recognize will be placed into virtual containment.  This will render the process harmless and incapable of making changes to your endpoint. 

    This is a unique and highly effective service of our Client Security that is far superior to any other endpoint security software on the market, especially when it concerns ransomware attacks. This blocks 100% of unknown malware.

    Since Comodo owns the patents to this auto-containment technology, absolutely no one else can offer this level of security.  When a process is contained, it’s window will display with a green border around it.  It won’t be able to make changes to your system until you reach out to us to white list the process or it is analyzed and determined to be safe within the SLA window for auto-containment.

    The unknown process will be analyzed by Artificial Intelligence to determine it’s level of maliciousness. If the AI is unsure about it, it will be passed on to a team of human software/security engineers who will also analyze it to issue a verdict (Trusted or Untrusted) that will determine if it remains in virtual containment or not. All of this activity is logged and tracked in our ITSM platform.

    See real-time threats as they occur around the world: https://threatmap.valkyrie.comodo.com/#/
  • Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures monitoring – Our Endpoint Manager and Client Security agents monitor your end points for and alert us to CVEs present on your network.
  • HIPS Firewall – Our Client Security includes a software Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) firewall for your Endpoint.
  • Cloud Security – Our Client Security uses Valkyrie cloud based technology to instantly know about threats that have been automatically identified in the cloud by a vast global network of Client Security Agents.
  • OS Patch Management – Endpoint Manager verifies that the OS is kept up to date on all security patches.
  • Malicious Scheduled Tasks protection. – One way hackers try to get into your system is by using the built-in task scheduler to run their scripts.  Our Client security blocks unknown scheduled tasks that it hasn’t seen before.
  • Supported Third Party Patch Management – Endpoint Manager verifies that supported third party apps are kept up to date.
  • Endpoint Performance & Health Monitoring – we get alerted if your device is experiencing high CPU or memory utilization over a certain threshold of time, if your system drive is getting full or the health of your drive is possibly suspect. In version 6 of our Endpoint Manager policy, we also monitor for application crashes and capture event logs and top processes the second there is a endpoint health alarm triggered so we can analyze the process.
  • Advanced remote troubleshooting. Many things we can do without even interactively remoting into your system. We can run system file health checks and repairs in the background on your endpoint, deploy the latest Windows Feature update and do many other things behind the scenes with little to no interruption to your using your endpoint. We even have some auto-remediation scripts that we can run against your endpoint automatically in some cases such as our script to capture event log details automatically when an issue is detected. These features are completely independent of your domain and user accounts once our Endpoint Manager agent is deployed onto your endpoints.
  • Automatic inventory of all assets that our Endpoint Manager is installed on, including serial numbers of endpoint devices, hardware specifications, currently installed software and device log monitoring.
  • If travel is required outside of Cumberland county applicable trip charges will be applied.
  • A Service Level Agreement (SLA) that defines the expectations and response times for our services.
  • Network Discovery – Routine network scans to discover new devices on your network.
  • Routine SLA Reviews – A review of your needs and our SLA every six months to a year.
  • A discounted rate off of our regular service rates for Change Request projects that fall outside the scope of our support plan.
  • Endpoint Detection & Response – Deep level telemetry tracking of all processes and activity on a Windows based endpoint allows us to identify potentially malicious activity even if it is not detected by any other layer of security when process activity does something outside of the norm for standard best practices.  Telemetry forensics data is collected and stored for up to 90 days offsite in the cloud to allow us the most detailed level of security auditing possible without compromising privacy or the confidentiality of the contents of your files. Our EDR agent collects its own log data independently of any other logging system and tracks file modifications, registry modifications, process spawning, all TCP activity, etc.
  • Incident and Change tracking through our Service Desk ticket system following ITIL standards.

What support services are within scope of our SLA

Desktop, Laptops and Servers

  • Setup New Profiles on Desktops and Laptops As Needed
  • Add / Edit / Delete User Accounts As Needed
  • Forgotten Password Resets As Needed
  • Archive Old User Accounts (Backup Email & Files) As Needed
  • Setup & Maintain Security Groups As Needed
  • Setup & Maintain Network Drives As Needed
  • Restore Files from Backups As Needed (Requires our Business Continuity or PC Continuity Service)
  • Troubleshoot Operating System Not Working As Needed
  • Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Not Working As Needed
  • Troubleshoot Anti-Virus Not Working As Needed
  • Reboot Servers As Needed
  • Troubleshoot Hardware Issues As Needed
  • Hard Drive Clean-up (Remove Temp & Unnecessary Files) As Needed
  • Warranty Claim Processing As Needed
  • Microsoft Patch Management (Service Packs & Updates) Daily
  • Update Approved 3rd Party Applications (Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, PDF Creator, Java, 7-Zip) Daily
  • Monitor all Critical Server and Computer Services and Fix 24x7x365
  • Monitor Anti-Virus Running & Protection Enabled 24x7x365
  • Monitor Anti-Virus Definitions Updating Correctly 24x7x365
  • Monitor Anti-Malware Running & Protection Enabled 24x7x365
  • Monitor Anti-Malware Definitions Updating Correctly 24x7x365
  • Monitor Hard Disk Health + Space & Defrag if Necessary 24x7x365
  • Monitor High CPU Usage 24x7x365
  • Monitor Security and Event Logs 24x7x365
  • Roll out our Best Practice Security Policies On-Going

    Backups and Disaster Recovery
    (requires our Business Continuity or PC Continuity Service)
  • Monitor Server and Computer Backups 24x7x365
  • Troubleshoot Server and Computer Backup Failures As Needed
  • Monitor Office365 Backups 24x7x365 (Requires our Cloud to Cloud Backup Service)
  • Troubleshoot Office365 Backup Failures As Needed (Requires our Cloud to Cloud Backup Service)
  • Manual Test Restore & Report of All Approved Backups Monthly


  • Clear & Reset Printer Queues As Needed
  • Troubleshoot Printer Issues As Needed
  • Add / Edit / Delete Printer Mapping Group Policies As Needed
  • Add / Edit / Delete Printer Drivers for Existing Printers As Needed
  • Troubleshoot Printer Hardware Issues As Needed
  • Warranty Claim Processing As Needed


  • Troubleshoot Internet Service Provider Issues & Outages As Needed
  • Troubleshoot Network Switch Issues As Needed
  • Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Access Point Issues As Needed
  • Update Wi-Fi SSID / Keys As Needed
  • Troubleshoot Router Issues As Needed
  • Troubleshoot Firewall Issues As Needed
  • Firewall Security Audit and Adjustment As Needed
  • Monitor Network Switches Operations & Availability 24x7x365
  • Monitor WiFi Access Points Operations & Availability 24x7x365
  • Monitor Router Operations & Availability 24x7x365
  • Monitor Firewall Operations & Availability 24x7x365
  • Warranty Claim Processing As Needed

Domain Names

  • Add / Edit / Delete MX Records As Needed
  • Add / Edit / Delete TXT Records As Needed
  • Add / Edit / Delete PTR Records As Needed
  • Add / Edit / Delete CNAME Records As Needed
  • Add / Edit / Delete A Records As Needed

Mobile Phones & Tablets

  • Configure Outlook or Mail App As Needed
  • Configure Skype for Business App As Needed
  • Configure OneDrive for Business App As Needed
  • Configure Teams for Business App As Needed

Microsoft 365 (and formerly Office 365)

  • Add / Edit / Delete User Accounts As Needed
  • Add / Edit / Delete User and Security Groups As Needed
  • Add / Edit / Delete Shared Mailboxes As Needed
  • Add / Edit / Delete Distribution Groups As Needed
  • Forgotten Password Resets As Needed
  • Archive Old User Accounts (Backup Email & OneDrive) As Needed
  • Restore Files from Backups As Needed
  • Install & Connect OneDrive Desktop Client As Needed
  • Install & Connect Skype for Business Desktop Client As Needed
  • Install & Connect Teams Desktop Client As Needed

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