Fast Assist Essentials – Endpoint Management & Client Security

$25 per month, up to three endpoints, residential only.

$25 per month, up to three endpoints, residential only.

Business customers click here.

Business support is through our Fast Assist Pro plan.

What’s included with Fast Assist Essentials:

  • Unlimited online, over the phone, remote IT Support.
  • Antivirus – The Fast Assist Client Security agent offers “bullet proof” protection as quoted from the developers, Comodo makers of Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection.  Our Client Security is a Fast Assist branded version of AEP and fully integrates with our Endpoint Management system and is routinely monitored by our technicians. 
  • Unknown Process Auto-Containment – Any process on your endpoint that our Client Security doesn’t recognize it will place into virtual containment automatically.  This will render the process harmless and incapable of making changes to your endpoint and blocks 100% of unknown malware.  This is a unique and highly effective service of our Client Security that is far superior to any other endpoint security software on the market, especially when it concerns ransomware attacks. Since Comodo owns the patents to this auto-containment technology, absolutely no one else can offer this level of security.  When a process is contained, it’s window will display with a green border around it.  It won’t be able to make changes to your system until you reach out to us to white list the process or it is analyzed and determined to be safe within the SLA window for auto-containment.
  • Firewall – Our Client Security includes a software based firewall for your Endpoint.
  • Cloud Security – Our Client Security uses Valkyrie cloud based technology to instantly know about threats that have been automatically identified in the cloud by a vast global network of Client Security Agents.
  • OS Patch Management – Endpoint Manager verifies that the OS is kept up to date on all security patches.
  • Malicious Scheduled Tasks protection. – One way hackers try to get into your system is by using the built-in task scheduler to run their scripts.  Our Client security blocks unknown scheduled tasks that it hasn’t seen before.
  • Supported Third Party Patch Management – Endpoint Manager verifies that supported third party apps are kept up to date.
  • Endpoint Performance & Health Monitoring – we get alerted if your device is experiencing high CPU or memory utilization over a certain threshold of time, if your system drive is getting full or the health of your drive is possibly suspect.
  • Automatic inventory of all assets that our Endpoint Manager is installed on, including serial numbers of endpoint devices, hardware specifications, currently installed software and device log monitoring.

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