Duo Security is a unified Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution that offers in-depth insight into the devices your end users are utilizing to authenticate themselves as it offers a unified experience across multiple supported cloud based applications such as Microsoft 365, Google G Suite, Amazon Web Services, GitHub, SalesForce, and many other cloud based applications. It also offers policies to enforce the types and versions of OS’s, browsers, geo-location of IP addresses, biometrics, etc. On PCs it requires the download and installation of a device health assessment app even on devices not company owned.

This creates a means by which a company can enforce minimum security standards for accessing of company digital resources even on devices not owned by the company in a fully autonomous manner. If the end user doesn’t have local administrative rights on a given device, then they are unable to utilize the installation of the device health app and are therefore unable to use that device for authentication or access to critical company data. This gives your organization full control of who is accessing your cloud based data across a wide spectrum of your selected cloud services with unified reporting etc.

This is MFA on steroids, and the mobile app can be used to stored other, non-integrated MFA tokens just like the Google Authenticator app or the Microsoft authenticator app, except the Duo Security app is managed and can be configured to backup third party MFA tokens in an encrypted manner on the end user’s personal Google drive in the event of a mobile device factory reset or change in devices. Duo Security walks the end user through the experience and even has the ability to automatically reconnect third party accounts that support this feature.

Duo Security is an industry standard MFA platform trusted by various government agencies and enterprise level companies. It addresses MFA related attack vectors such as grieving and other methods to attempt to thwart the MFA process.

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