Cloud Continuity for PCs

Cloud Continuity for PCs

Cloud Continuity for PCs


• Image-based Cloud Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR)
• Windows 7 and Windows 10
• Automatic backup pause and resume
• Screenshot Verification
• Cloud Virtualization
• File Restore, Bare Metal Restore (BMR), Point-in-time Rollback
• Primary volume support up to 1 TB
• No additional hardware required
• Affordable per Endpoint pricing per month

A question you may ask is, if I am “in the cloud” with an Azure joined Desktop or Laptop synced to Office 365, why would I need additional backup for my endpont?

The answer is, to capture your system image. You see, OneDrive does sync all your data to the cloud, if it is configured correctly and if you are signed into it and if the computer is on the internet long enough for it to sync your data. OneDrive syncs in near real-time after the initial sync. However, data syncing and/or data backup is not the same as a full system image backup.

If your endpoint fails due to any hardware or software issues, we can always wipe and reload the system or attempt a system restore to a previous point in time. However, in either scenario there is likely to be applications on your system that need to be reinstalled and reconfigured. That is what is not synced to the cloud with OneDrive. We call this your system state or system image. It includes the configuration state of the operating system and all apps on the system.

It can take about one to two hours to install the Windows OS, get it activated, update the drivers, download all the updates, rejoin the system to Azure or your local Active Directory, install our Endpoint Manager, deploy our client security and EDR agent, download and install the desktop Office apps, Adobe Reader and any other baseline standard apps. Then if you have any desktop apps that are proprietary to your company or industry it can take several more hours to get those things installed and reconfigured and that’s assuming that there is not data from those proprietary apps hiding away in some obscure folder somewhere that OneDrive is not syncing to the cloud.

With Cloud Continuity for PCs, we have a secure, cloud version of your PC’s system image that can be restored bare metal or even spun up in the cloud and accessed remotely in the event of disaster regardless of whether you have a local Active Directory server, are joined to Azure or are running stand alone with a local user account.

If you can’t afford hours of downtime on an endpoint due to hardware failures, software corruption or an unforeseen disaster, then Cloud Continuity is our recommended solution.