We are an authorized reseller for idrive online backup.  iDrive is better than the competition including Carbonite for backing up data not already synced to the cloud via Office 365.  It works just like carbonite and allows you to backup data from multiple computers, external hard drives and servers.  This provides the best protection from ransomware and other potentially malicious activity for endpoints where data is not synced to the cloud for a very affordable annual cost as opposed to other data backup solutions out there.

Note that this backup solution is for the backing up of data.  If you want to protect your applications and system configuration as well, so that you minimize downtime as much as possible in the event of a hardware failure or software corruption, then check out our Cloud Continuity for PCs solution.

Click the idrive icon below to sign up for idrive today and download the client application.  If you need assistance getting it setup, simply book an appointment for remote support by clicking here. Also, install our Endpoint Manager tool if you haven’t already.

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