Fileless cyber attacks

Fileless cyber attacks are a relatively new method of compromising a system where a malicious process refrains from utilizing file storage in the process of attacking an endpoint. This circumvents...

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New Year, New Location

Fast Assist is in the process of moving! We have acquired office space at 62 E Second Street in Crossville TN. We are in the process of getting the necessary...

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New Chromium Edge Logo

Microsoft revealed the new Chromium based Edge logo a couple of days ago. The official release date for Chromium Edge to the general public will be January 15th, 2020. I...

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Data Loss Prevention

It is natural to assume that storing data in the cloud is less secure than keeping it onsite on a device such as an in-house server. The reality is that...

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Security, Security, Security

The old saying used to be location, location, location when it came to running a business, and that’s probably still true to a degree for physical location of retail spots....

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