Author: Fred Dickey

Author: Fred Dickey

Realtime Security Monitoring
September 24, 2021 News Fred Dickey

This is one of the CIS safeguards in the Cybersecurity Essentials for Business Owners booklet that we have made available for you to view for free and/or download for your own reference. A classic example of why this is important is something we just experienced. Our ITSM platform monitors our Client Security agents and one

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Remoting into your office computer from Home
September 17, 2021 Main, News Fred Dickey

Unless you have a paid solution for this like Teamviewer or LogMeIn, we recommend using Google’s Remote Desktop which you can find here: Chrome Remote Desktop ( Now there are a few things you should do before using this method. The first is to check with your local IT department and make sure that they

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Cybersecurity Essentials for Business Owners
September 9, 2021 News Fred Dickey

It is critical that business owners are aware of Cybersecurity for their business in these times. The below booklet explains in detail all of the cybersecurity threats that you face on a daily basis and the different control mechanisms to detect, analyze and respond to those threats in real time using the latest cybersecurity tools.

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Report Message and Insights
August 18, 2021 News Fred Dickey

Depending upon what license tier of Microsoft 365 you have, you might notice some extra buttons in Outlook. One of those extra buttons is the Report Message button. The report message button is a streamlined way to report any emails as junk, phishing or not junk. It automatically sends a copy of the message to

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Microsoft 365 SharePoint Hub Sites
August 13, 2021 News Fred Dickey

One of the most powerful features of SharePoint are hub sites. You can create a SharePoint hub site that links all of your SharePoint sites into an enterprise level intranet that helps your staff with workflow and communication throughout your organization. Fast Assist utilizes a SharePoint Hub site to tie together all of our Microsoft

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Service Rate Change Notice
May 27, 2021 News Fred Dickey

Effective June 15th, 2021 Fast Assist is making changes to our service rates. Our regular service rates will be increasing approximately 27% for our onsite, in-shop and remote support services. This will increase our regular hourly rate from $75 per hour to $95 per hour. This will also increase our travel charges for customers outside

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Hotfix for Fast Assist Client Security agent
April 8, 2021 News Fred Dickey

The issue we were experiencing in March with the March 18th update to our Client Security agent now has a permanent fix. Version of the client security agent resolves the issue which impacted QuickBooks, Citrix client and several other apps, all of which utilize virtualization technology within their programs. We will begin re-enabling auto-containment

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Still getting BSOD when printing?
March 31, 2021 News Fred Dickey

The trick is to get your build number higher than where the BSOD’s have occurred with Windows 10 and Kyocera and other printers. There has also been an issue with print rendering involving the initial fix for KB5000802 and KB5000808. What happens when you installed one of the above KB’s is your Windows 10 build

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QuickBooks Issues with our Client Security agent
March 23, 2021 News Fred Dickey

On March 18th, 2021 an update was pushed out to our managed client endpoints for our client security agent that updated the client security agent to version This update began causing an error code to be generated by QuickBooks Desktop that incorrectly indicated a firewall issue even when the company files were hosted on

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The correct way to fix BSOD when printing
March 18, 2021 News Fred Dickey

KB5000802 and KB5000808 broke a lot of endpoints this month with the March 2021 update. The procedure to resolve this has changed over the past few days. Initially the best solution was to remove those updates and pause your updates days. But everything changes at the drop of a hat. Now the correct way

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