ALTO 3 Server Cloud Backup/Virtualization Fail Over

  • We install a small device in your server closet.
  • We deploy an agent to your bare metal or VMs needing protection and cloud failover.
  • Licensing for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux agents
  • Restore systems and individual files from the local device and cloud
  • Virtualize backed up systems (OSX cannot be virtualized) Off-Site
  • Hybrid device to the Cloud
  • Every system is entitled up to 30 days of Off-Site Virtualization per year at no additional cost (a $100 per hour value for desktop servers).
  • Data Retention Policy that is time based or infinite cloud retention.

What is cloud failover? That’s where if something happens to your in-house bare metal or virtual server protected by Server Cloud Backup, we can spin up a cloud based VM of your protected server within minutes and keep it up for up to 30 days at no additional cost (a $100 per hour value for a desktop class server running desktop class applications in a cloud class environment). This gives you time to deal with the physical hardware and software while still maintaining business continuity in the face of a disaster. Plus, we can export the cloud VM to an ESXi compatible VM so that a physical server can be virtualized upon restoration to a bare metal in-house server box.

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