Remoting into your office computer from Home

Remoting into your office computer from Home
September 17, 2021 Comments Off on Remoting into your office computer from Home Main, News Fred Dickey

Unless you have a paid solution for this like Teamviewer or LogMeIn, we recommend using Google’s Remote Desktop which you can find here: Chrome Remote Desktop (

Now there are a few things you should do before using this method. The first is to check with your local IT department and make sure that they are okay with you doing this. The very next thing you should do is either create or use your Google account and make sure you have Two Factor or Multi-Factor (MFA) authentication enabled on this account.

I can’t repeat it often enough that a username and password alone are completely useless for security these days. You will also want to make sure that any third party email accounts you have setup as recovery emails for your Google account are also protected by MFA.

You will need to login to the above linked website from both your device you want to use for remoting into your office computer as well as your office computer and set them both up. Google will also require a pin code to remote in as an additional security layer.

One of the issues we have seen with using Google Remote Desktop is when your office computer has multiple monitors but now we are aware of a fix for that. Just a few simple configuration changes and you should be cruising along. Refer to the YouTube video link below on how to configure Google Remote Desktop for multiple monitors. Also, if you use Microsoft Chromium Edge instead of Google Chrome for your web browser, you’re in luck, because this will work in Chromium Edge as well.

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