Streamlined Backup Solutions

Streamlined Backup Solutions
February 8, 2021 Comments Off on Streamlined Backup Solutions News Fred Dickey

Fast Assist has streamlined our backup solutions to offer you the most diversified and budget conscious online backup and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solutions available.

By using a hybrid set of solutions that we integrate together we can offer the most competitive backup solutions at one end of the spectrum while offering the most advanced rapid response BCDR at the other end of the spectrum. This presents our customers with just four Fast Assist branded solutions to choose from based on their needs called Fast Assist Online Backup & BCDR.

Solutions include:

Option 1: Fast Assist SaaS Cloud to Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 and Google Cloud

  • Fully managed and monitored
  • Requires that you have a Fast Assist Pro Monthly Support plan with us.
  • For third party backup of Microsoft 365 or Google Cloud Tenants
  • We must have or establish an Indirect Reseller relationship with your Microsoft 365 Cloud tenant or have access to an administrator account on your Google Cloud tenant.
  • Includes infinite cloud retention
  • Starts at $30.00 per month for up to 10 end users
  • $3.00 per additional end user.
  • Microsoft 365 includes backs up of Exchange data, OneDrive, SharePoint Sites and Teams data.
  • Can be deployed remotely
  • No additional hardware required

Option 2: Fast Assist Online Backup (Endpoint Image/Data)

  • Fully managed and monitored.
  • For backup of endpoints including servers, desktops and laptops.
  • Works with Windows and Mac OS devices.
  • Requires that you have a Fast Assist Pro or Essentials Monthly Support Plan with us.
  • Starts at $45 per month for up to 1TB of cloud storage
  • Each additional TB of cloud storage is $15 per month extra
  • Backs up system image (applications and system configuration)
  • Can be deployed remotely
  • No additional hardware required.

Option 3: Fast Assist Online Backup BCDR

  • Fully managed and monitored.
  • Does not require Fast Assist Pro Monthly Support
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Intended for local in-house physical and virtual servers
  • Starts at $149 per month for up to 2TB of cloud storage
  • Requires additional hardware that may entail a service and trip charge to install. Cost of hardware is included in service.
  • Allows the spin up of a VM copy of server either locally or in the cloud
  • Each additional TB of cloud data storage is $15 per month.
  • Requires data to be stored on a separate partition than OS System image if more than 1TB of data is being protected.
  • Separate data partition is not part of the VM that we can spin up instantly but we work with you on disaster response plan to bring data online as fast as possible.
  • Our most cost effective BCDR solution.

Option 4: Fast Assist Online Backup Maximum BCDR

  • Fully managed and monitored
  • Does not require Fast Assist Pro Monthly Support plan
  • For protecting more than 1TB of data with a failover VM option.
  • All data can be spun up on a VM in the cloud.
  • Offers the most rapid disaster response.
  • May require the purchase and deployment of additional hardware.
  • Will need to call for cost as it depends on amount of data being protected.
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