Fast Assist Phasing Out Harvest Time and Expense

Fast Assist Phasing Out Harvest Time and Expense
February 9, 2021 Comments Off on Fast Assist Phasing Out Harvest Time and Expense News Fred Dickey

We are going to be phasing out Harvest Time and Expense from our technology stack. What this means to our customers is that they will begin receiving invoices from a new email address in the near future with new links for viewing and paying invoices.

Your invoice history will be preserved because, at the moment, Harvest Time and Expense and our actual accounting system (Xero Accounting) are integrated and sync invoicing data between the two. Estimates and Quotes will not be preserved.

We will need to flip everything over at the same time. This means we will move all recurring invoices over to being billed out via Xero. This will of course, break any automatic payments you may have setup with us through Harvest and you will need to setup your recurring payments again through your Xero invoices.

The reason for this switch over is that Xero can do everything we do now through Harvest using the same payment options we currently use through Harvest, plus an additional payment option or two. It will also no longer require syncs between Harvest and Xero, eliminating potentials for errors.

We were using Harvest Time and Expense for, well, time and expense tracking, but we will be tracking our employee payroll time sheets through Microsoft Teams Shifts and our billable time has been tracked in our Service Desk Ticket system for some time now, so we are eliminating the need to do these things in Harvest to eliminate double data entry work.

Harvest Time and Expense is a great cloud based app if you have a need for tracking your time and expense on projects and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a way to do that.

The switchover will likely occur around the 10th of March or April depending upon when we determine is the most optimal time to initiate the changeover. Regardless of which invoicing system you receive your invoice from us in moving forward as we conduct the changeover, you should follow the link in that invoicing system to do online payments. We will be sending out individual notifications to alert each client individually with whom we do recurring billing before the switch over to alert them again to this change.

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