Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection and Response
December 22, 2020 Comments Off on Endpoint Detection and Response News Fred Dickey

EDR is an extremely powerful cyber forensics analysis tool. We offer Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) with our Fast Assist Pro Monthly Support plan for businesses and government agencies. It retains up to 90 days of telemetry data on all activities of the endpoints it monitors.

Our EDR agent independently collects logs of the following activity: operating system activities, application activity, process starts and stops, cross-process injections, file access, registry changes, network connections, memory content, and the user’s interactions with data, including creation, modification, transmission, and much more.

For example, I can run a query against the data set to find out on what dates and times any process accessed the microphone on any endpoint on the network.

I can run a query to see when the screen was accessed/captured on any endpoint on any given date and time in that 90 day window. Or when the keyboard was captured. Not just keylogged, but when any process, legitimate or otherwise interacted with the keyboard.

There is AI involved in EDR too looking out for suspicious activity and highlighting suspicious activity and behaviors. This is in addition to Auto Containment, HIPS software based firewall, etc.

A mid-sized organization can produce 40 million processes within a 14 day period of time. That’s a lot of activity to keep up with. No wonder businesses are failing at keeping their infrastructure secure. We have a technology stack that allows us to do just that. Our platform does not rely on signature based detection alone, but actually is a zero trust platform with patented Kernel API virtualization.

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