Improvements to Fast Assist Uptime Downtime Monitoring

Our vendor has updated the web interface for our external uptime/downtime monitor where we display uptime and downtime metrics for internet interfaces, websites and cloud services that we monitor.

One of the first changes is the look and feel of the interface. As you can see below, the graphs now read from right to left in chronological order and each individual day is represented by a colored bar. Green is 100% up. Orange means a small outage or disruption. Red means a significant outage to service. Hovering your mouse over the color bar representing a specific day will reveal the date and percentage of time of the outage on that date.

If you click on the View Full History option, you will be greeted with a calendar view as depicted below.

If you click on a specific monitor, you can click on the bell icon to the top right and subscribe to that monitor to get an email alert should that monitor go down for any reason.

There is also a full screen mode and audible alarm setting so that you can be alerted through that method of a downtime as well.

We can also create customized uptime/downtime status pages for our clients that have multiple internet interfaces and/or websites and servers that they would like to be monitored in this manner.

We automatically monitor through this system any client that we manage a WatchGuard firewall for with a static IP address. We also monitor websites and other cloud based servers that we manage through this platform.

For in-house servers, we track their uptime/downtime through our Endpoint Manager agent that automatically generates a ticket and logs uptime/downtime for a given server.

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