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Fast Assist now has a business page on MeWe social media site. After reviewing several other social media sites including Parler and Gab over the past few months, we settled on MeWe as it appears to be the most maturely developed of social network.

It actually makes Facebook look like MySpace in comparison. You can have multiple reactions to a single post and there are practically an infinite number of emoji reactions to be had. We also found the interface to be far more intuitive than any other interface, including Facebook.

As for premium features, we can’t help but ask, why didn’t Facebook do this before?!?!? It’s really just that awesome. With over 9 million members and growing, we hope MeWe becomes a huge rival to Facebook. I’d much rather pay $4.99 per month for premium features that I actually want than to have features shoved down my throat by an organization that would rather track my whereabouts, listen in on conversations and target me with advertisements for things I have absolutely no interest in.

Also, posts from your business page on MeWe will likely be seen by more people on MeWe than your posts on your business page on Facebook are seen since Facebook uses algorithms to throttle and choke your viewership down to next to nothing. MeWe doesn’t do this.

Oh and kudos to both MeWe and Parler for mandatory MFA. At least some social networks actually care about your account getting hacked while others seem to only care about controlling people’s thoughts and banning people.

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