COVID-19 Update 6-19-2020

COVID-19 Update 6-19-2020
June 19, 2020 Comments Off on COVID-19 Update 6-19-2020 News Fred Dickey

The vast majority of our customers are not requiring us to wear masks anymore when onsite. Due to that and recent updates from the CDC concerning the nature of how COVID-19 does and does not spread, our technicians will no longer wear a mask when onsite at your home or office unless you specifically request us to wear one.

Naturally, if one of our staff exhibits signs of any kind of illness regardless of whether or not it is COVID-19 related, they will not be dispatched to perform work for our customers and will not be working at our offices either. This has always been a practice of Fast Assist as it is just common sense.

Common sense is the theme we are going with at this point with COVID-19. We will keep our glass reception window in place indefinitely between our staff our our customers in our lobby. It will always remain closed unless we open it to interact with a customer. Our no contact drop off/pickup table will remain in place but a no contact pickup will require you calling in advance of your arrival and letting us know you wish to have a no contact pickup. This is not necessary when dong a no contact drop off.

We will remain watchful on the status of COVID-19 and base any future responses on actual data for actual confirmed cases in our area. Your safety and the safety of our staff is important to us.

Also due to the global shutdowns over the past couple of months we have seen some concerning disruptions in various supply chains in our industry. WatchGuard Firewalls are delivered to us on normal schedule upon ordering however, we have been experiencing some significant delays with Dell Servers. Dell seems to be having a significant supply chain issue with obtaining processors and memory for their systems. This has caused delays of 30 to 45 days or more for order fulfillment. We will be posting special notifications about this in all quotes for servers until we see an improvement in their process.

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