IT as a Service – Why Fast Assist?

IT as a Service – Why Fast Assist?
May 21, 2020 Comments Off on IT as a Service – Why Fast Assist? News Fred Dickey

What is IT as a Service (ITaaS)?

Essentially, that’s what Fast Assist is all about. While we do break/fix repair work for individuals and businesses our primary focus is being a Managed Services Provider. We employ a lot of automation technology, mostly in the form of software to accomplish this. We don’t use the same cookie cutter systems though that many of our competitors use. We employ technologies that will either integrate well together out of the box or that we can integrate ourselves. We like to know the guts of how everything we utilize functions so that we can be expert masters of our own tools. Those tools must have a proven track record that sets us apart from our competitors by giving us the most efficient and secure method of providing our services.

Take something like troubleshooting a bad hard drive or a firmware being out of date. We can diagnose these things automatically, without ever leaving our offices, across hundreds to thousands of endpoints across hundreds to thousands of customers. Automatically document the issue without anyone doing anything and possibly even execute a resolution automatically. Some issues require us to interact. Some issues we interact with because we have the customer on the phone. But 80 to 90% of these things we can diagnose and resolve without even bothering our customer.

Our Advanced Client Security is even more automated than our Monitoring and Management. With Auto-Containment our Advanced Client Security allows you to This allows us to manage far more devices per technician than was ever possible in the past. This is why we can offer unlimited remote and onsite IT support to our business clients for maintaining there existing infrastructure and offer discounted rates for Major, Normal and Emergency Changes. Most Standard Changes are covered in our Service Level Agreement (SLA) with our customers.

Currently, we are accepting new monthly support business customers. We do have a cap though on how many we are willing to take on. Then we have to pause and evaluate opening up new IT Support positions within our organization in order to maintain our response times and efficiently manage our customers’ IT. We have streamlined our onboarding process too. Yes, even our onboarding is partially automated. But don’t worry, we are a local company and there is a human behind the curtain that will come out to you or meet with you online whenever you need us to to discuss your needs.

But how much does this cost? It’s actually quite affordable. For just $25 per business endpoint per month, you get unlimited onsite and remote support, management and monitoring of your devices and licensing for our Advanced Client Security agent and Endpoint Detection and Response agent. We say business endpoint because for each business endpoint we support under our SLA, we will also support one home device with unlimited remote support. Onsite support for the home system would fall outside the scope of our business support plan and would be billed at a discounted rate.

That is of course, unless your employee subscribes to our Fast Assist Essentials support plan, which covers up to three home devices for $25 per month ($250 per year pre–paid annually). While the onsite support is still outside the scope of our Essentials plan, as a residential subscriber, they get the same enterprise level Endpoint Management and Monitoring and our Advanced Endpoint Security client on up to three devices in their home.

We also have affordable add-ons like Microsoft 365 (including what used to be Office 365), Business Continuity for your PC, Server Business Continuity, Microsoft 365 third party cloud backup, VoIP phone services, WatchGuard Gateway Unified Security Platform with 24/7 monitoring of your internet connections and many other options for enhanced security and continuity. These are all optional services that enhance our core service of managing, monitoring and securing your endpoints.

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