COVID-19 Update from Fast Assist

We consider ourselves a critical service due to the fact that we monitor and manage cyber security for city government entities as well as for various other industry sectors. Therefore, even if there is a mandatory nation-wide shutdown, we plan to continue operations as a critical service provider. We are taking additional steps though for the protection of our staff and our customers.

Effective today, Friday March 20th, our lobby will be closed to the public. Walk-in customers will be by appointment only. Our technicians will have latex gloves and hand sanitizer as part of the tools that they carry with them, should something necessitate an onsite visit.

The above information has been posted as an update to our original COVID-19 post from yesterday.

I reached out to the owner of our building this morning as well as key contacts that we work with on a daily basis to get a feel for where things are at. We have also spoken with and received emails from various vendors of ours to get a feel for where things truly are vs perception. We held a staff meeting with all of our staff this morning and reviewed our status, the status of COVID-19 and had an open discussion about our plans and what everyone thought we should do as an organization. Even if there is a mandatory shutdown, it will make our services even more critical moving forward.

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