COVID-19 Notice from Fast Assist – We are here for you

COVID-19 Notice from Fast Assist – We are here for you
March 19, 2020 Comments Off on COVID-19 Notice from Fast Assist – We are here for you News Fred Dickey

Update 8/2/2020

Greetings everyone,

We are still operating normally at Fast Assist. Our offices are open and operating normally as we have very limited contact with the public even when clients visit our offices due to various cyber security related policies we have in place and the sensitive nature of our daily access to our client’s IT resources. We are continuing to monitor the global status of the unprecedented phenomena commonly known as the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the work we do is via remote support so we also have limited physical contact with our clients.

We are still following the practices effective as of 6/19/2020 when it comes to pickups and drop offs, so please read the previous update on 6/19/2020 if you are not aware of our current policies. Information is also posted in our lobby as well.

We will wear masks if specifically requested when going onsite to a customer site. However be aware that these types of masks provide extremely limited protection and if the positive case numbers in our state were to increase significantly, we would implement a much more aggressive form of PPE than the State or Federal government currently recommends. We have established a threshold which we feel would warrant such a response to protect our staff and our clients. At this point in time, we do not believe the State of Tennessee will reach that threshold in positive cases based upon current observations.

Update 6/19/2020:

The vast majority of our customers are not requiring us to wear masks anymore when onsite. Due to that and recent updates from the CDC concerning the nature of how COVID-19 does and does not spread, our technicians will no longer wear a mask when onsite at your home or office unless you specifically request us to wear one.

Naturally, if one of our staff exhibits signs of any kind of illness regardless of whether or not it is COVID-19 related, they will not be dispatched to perform work for our customers and will not be working at our offices either. This has always been a practice of Fast Assist as it is just common sense.

Common sense is the theme we are going with at this point with COVID-19. We will keep our glass reception window in place indefinitely between our staff our our customers in our lobby. It will always remain closed unless we open it to interact with a customer. Our no contact drop off/pickup table will remain in place but a no contact pickup will require you calling in advance of your arrival and letting us know you wish to have a no contact pickup. This is not necessary when dong a no contact drop off.

We will remain watchful on the status of COVID-19 and base any future responses on actual data for actual confirmed cases in our area. Your safety and the safety of our staff is important to us.

Also due to the global shutdowns over the past couple of months we have seen some concerning disruptions in various supply chains in our industry. WatchGuard Firewalls are delivered to us on normal schedule upon ordering however, we have been experiencing some significant delays with Dell Servers. Dell seems to be having a significant supply chain issue with obtaining processors and memory for their systems. This has caused delays of 30 to 45 days or more for order fulfillment. We will be posting special notifications about this in all quotes for servers until we see an improvement in their process.

Update 5/22/2020:

Fast Assist is an essential business under the guidelines of the Department of Homeland Security.  As such, we have been in full operation and here for you the entire time the COVID-19 pandemic has been happening and we have kept our staff and customers safe the entire time by following globally established protocols for our industry under the guidance of our global vendors.  Here is what we are doing now in light of the reopening of “non-essential businesses”.

Oh, and congratulations! You have survived level 3 of Jumanji! Prepare to level up!

  • We will continue to sterilize our lobby between drop offs and pick-ups.
  • We no longer require an appointment to drop off or pickup. Our doors are always open between 7:30am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays such as Memorial Day, which is this Monday, in case you forgot.
  • We will still offer no contact drop off and pickup.  If you want a no contact pickup, you will need to call in advance of picking up so we can have your device ready.
  • We ask that if another customer is present at the time of your drop off that you observe social distancing by maintaining at least 6-foot distance.
  • We will wear masks when interacting with you through the reception window. Our staff will not be wearing masks, except when interacting with a customer.
  • We will ask you before we open the reception window if it is okay to do so, even when our staff are wearing a mask.
  • For onsite visits, we will still be wearing a mask for now when coming out onsite. In light of recent CDC information made public concerning the unlikelihood of transmission through touching surfaces, we will no longer be wearing gloves or sterilizing surfaces that we touch but will be prepared to do so should asked.
  • The above will remain in place until we feel they are not necessary. We will mirror the food industry in this respect. When our waiters and waitresses no longer have to look like they are prepped for open heart surgery, we will resume normal protocols.

Update 4/29/2020: Hey everyone. I just wanted to do a quick update concerning our COVID-19 response as it’s been over 30 days since we last updated. Wow how time flies. Anyhow, we are still offering no contact drop off and delivery in our lobby with an advanced scheduled appointment. Please continue to give us a heads up when picking up or dropping off. The only exception to a scheduled appointment are our shipping deliveries which we track electronically and already expect their arrivals.

In light of the reopening process that is taking place this week for the State of Tennessee, we will continue to follow our existing COVID-19 protocols when going onsite to a customer site or doing a no contact drop off or delivery.

Even after all restrictions are removed regarding COVID-19, we will continue to offer no contact drop off/pickup through out the month of May and possibly into June for our customers but will unlock our sliding glass reception window and allow customer the option of interacting with us through the window. We are using the dine-in restaurant protocols as guidance for when we will also lift our no contact restrictions. Basically, when the masks and gloves are able to come off at the restaurants is when we will unlock our window and allow more than vocal interaction through the glass. Whenever that occurs.

In the meantime, it will be the same as we have been doing for the past month in how we operate. We hope all of our customers understand. Thank you for choosing Fast Assist as your IT Solutions provider and success partner.

UPDATE 3/23/2020: We have installed a sliding glass window in our reception window for the safety of our staff and our customers. This window separates our lobby area from our staff. The sliding glass window can be locked and unlocked by our staff, but we also have a pickup/drop off table in our lobby. Visits to our lobby area must be by appointment only. Package deliveries are the only exception. Any unauthorized visits by the general public may be considered trespassing. If you need to speak with someone, you can text, email, phone, schedule a virtual meeting on our webinar system. We have lots of options for that. Our pickup/drop off table will be sterilized between each pickup/drop off. Items we leave for pickup will also be sterilized prior to being placed on the table. Our lobby is sterilized daily. We are here for you, when you need us most.

UPDATE 3/22/2020: Per the Department of Homeland Security, a little over a dozen industry sectors are considered essential and will remain in operation even in the event of a nation-wide stay in place or mandatory quarantine order. One of those industry sectors is Information Technology. We will therefore continue our operations and are here for you during this unprecedented event. We are taking additional steps for the protection of our staff and our customers in accordance with instructions for our specific industry.

Effective today, Friday March 20th, our lobby will be closed to the general public. Walk-in customers will be by appointment only. Our technicians will have latex gloves, hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes as part of the tools that they carry with them. When they do work onsite, they will wipe down the surface areas where they worked prior to leaving. If you or anyone in your home or organization has been sick or tested positive for COVID-19, please notify us prior to any service that requires onsite or in-shop interaction.


Hello, I just want to update you on our response to COVID-19 and this whole social distancing trend that our nation is going through and how it will effect us as a Managed Services Provider, Managed Security Services Provider and IT Solutions provider.

Here at Fast Assist, we have a fairly small office. Our lobby is designed to only accommodate up to four people at any given time. We have some limited walk-in traffic at our offices. Due to the sensitivity of what we do with our customers, we have always maintained an isolated stance with walk-in customers. Our entire office, except for our lobby is closed off to unauthorized traffic. This isn’t because of a virus threat but because our techs could be doing remote support with any one of our clients and we are extremely security sensitive.

But given this security stance with our offices, we have not had to make any drastic changes to our operations or policies. Our staff routinely sterilize and clean our office areas. This has always been and always will be.

At the moment, we do not plan to alter our office hours. We will post additional information should that ever change. Half of our work is remotely done and half is done onsite with customers. We are always concerned about our customers and our staff’s health and safety and will always apply common sense protocols as we deem necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We appreciate your business and look forward to when we are all on the other side of this unprecedented event.

As the geek in me rises up, I must say: “Hang in there, baby!”

Also, should you need to discuss something with us for your business needs, we have the ability to host up to a 100 attendee webinar using our own phone system software that is cross device compatible. So you can have yourself and your key staff meet with us virtually to discuss your needs or questions.

Keep calm and work remotely.

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