New Year, New Location

New Year, New Location
January 10, 2020 Comments Off on New Year, New Location News Fred Dickey

Fast Assist is in the process of moving! We have acquired office space at 62 E Second Street in Crossville TN. We are in the process of getting the necessary fiber internet hooked up at our new location and getting the office environment ready for us to conduct business in. We should be moved in by January 20th but we will send out a final notice when we have our doors open there.

Our hours will be the same, Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm. Someone will always be working the front desk, so you can show up without an appointment to drop off anything you need worked on, schedule an appointment to speak with one of our technicians, or just swing by to say hello.

Along with the new year, comes new issues. For Windows 7, Microsoft will be releasing an update that starts displaying a full screen window on Windows 7 devices not joined to an Active Directory Business Domain effective January 15th. It will be explaining how Windows 7 is no longer supported (it will reach End of Life officially on January 14th.

As Windows 7’s support life comes to a close, after the 14th, we will be providing “best effort” support only for Windows 7. Our “best effort” will diminish over time depending upon how fast third party vendors such as Google and Mozilla pound the nails into Windows 7’s coffin. Naturally, we will strongly encourage users of Windows 7 to upgrade to Windows 10. At the moment, that upgrade is still free and not just for Windows 7 Pro. So far Windows 7 Home and Windows 8.1 have also upgraded and activated to Windows 10 with no issues so long as Windows 7 was properly activated previously and there was working internet access during the update to Windows 10. You can download the installer tool directly from Microsoft by clicking here.

What we have experienced up until now is that Windows 10 will run fine on any system with 3GB or higher RAM on it even with a duo-core Intel processor. The biggest issue is storage technology. The latest Windows 10 builds 1903 and 1909 pretty much require an SSD or NVME M.2 chip to run at any speeds you would be happy with. The older, spinning platter based HDDs are to Windows 10 storage what dial up internet is to streaming Netflix, well, almost.

We can upgrade your computer to an SSD for around $200 plus tax with labor for a 500GB SSD drive, which will suit most individuals, assuming you have a SATA controller. Most windows based desktops and laptops do. Some Macs do. Most Apple based products produced over the past couple of years have at least an SSD drive in them. And yes, we can upgrade the Mac too if it needs it. The latest versions of Mac OS/X also require an SSD minimum to perform decently.

You might ask yourself, why would I want to upgrade my old computer’s storage to SSD when I can just buy a brand new computer for around $400 bucks at Walmart? The answer to that is that every single Windows based computer we have seen at that price margin also has an HDD in it and not an SSD. It absolutely drives me nuts when someone tells me they bought a new computer and want us to do something to it and we go to turn it on and have to wait two to five minutes for that brand new PC to boot up, when we can pop an SSD into a six year old computer and it run circles around that “new” computer.

So, if you do buy a new computer, make sure it has an SSD drive in it. Not an HDD, not an SSD/HDD hybrid. And don’t ever connect an HDD to it as a secondary drive. It will just slow you down while the computer waits on that ancient piece of junk to do thrash around the read/write heads and spin those platters like HDD’s have done for 50 years or more. While the outside of HDD tech has changed over the years, the inside tech has remained the same since they were first invented. That’s why they slow down Windows 10 so much!

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