Do you use photos in Outlook Contacts or your customer contact database?

I was with someone a couple of years back and one thing that they did was they snapped a photo of anyone that they dealt with in business and attached it to their phone contacts. They would ask permission first and explained what they were doing.

While it might seem a little stalker like to snap photos, Outlook and most every other contact system has always had a photo image field associated with every contact entry. Basically, my friend was simply leveraging the technology available to him to identify his business contacts as efficiently and securely as possible. Office 365 allows employers to assign a photo image to every employee’s Office 365 account and it automatically appears on their lock screen in Windows 10 when the employee is signed in on a Azure joined Windows 10 device.

This isn’t just to make pretty pictures, this is actually a form of security. Anyone who sees that device knows who the owner is, because their photo is plastered across the screen when it is locked. This means a complete stranger will know if someone attempts to unlock the device that is not the owner. It also displays their profile image in most if not all Office 365 apps on the web portal, like Delve, Teams etc which allows every new employee and even long term employees in a larger company to instantly know what their coworkers look like.

In the same fashion, having profile images of your customers is also great for security. All of you staff will be able to instantly match a face to a name and account number, meaning your staff knows when they are not talking to the real customer before asking them anything. As a means to populate our contact database with images of our customer contacts, we’re not past cyber stalking on Facebook for a profile pic and attaching it to their contact information in our customer database. If their images are public on Facebook, we kind of figure their image is fair game.

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