Office 365 – Microsoft Planner

Office 365 – Microsoft Planner
August 21, 2019 Comments Off on Office 365 – Microsoft Planner Main Fred Dickey

If you are an Office 365 for Business subscriber, have you had a chance to test out Microsoft Planner yet? I have just started utilizing this app over the past few months and just realized I haven’t been using it to its fullest potential. I setup a plan for our tech room so that we can track items as tasks that we need to work on, such as customer’s devices.

With Planner, I was able to establish a set of color coded labels for each task/device, set a due date when we expect the device to be repaired and ready for pickup/delivery back to the customer, and post comments on the task that are emailed out automatically to all members/staff involved in that plan, including our administrative assistant, so that they are aware (or have the info at their fingertips anyways) of the status automatically without having to ask anyone else.

I knew Microsoft Planner integrates with Microsoft To Do, which is an awesome task and to do list app on steroids. I knew that you can assign tasks to specific people. I did not realize until the other day that I can take any Microsoft Planner Plan and add it as a shared calendar to the one app I use the most, Microsoft Outlook. That makes tracking due dates in Plans a lot more convenient because I don’t have to go to Planner to see them at a glance, I can just look where all of my appointments already are in Outlook.

I have also only had a To Do bucket in my Plans so far in Planner. I just now started leveraging the multiple buckets feature of Microsoft Planner. When you create a Plan, Planner creates a default bucket called “To Do” where you can enter new tasks, but you can rename that bucket and create additional buckets. For example, you can create a Plan in Planner called Marketing and then create buckets for the different venues of marketing that you do such as Facebook, Yelp and the name of your local newspaper and then assign and drag tasks to their relevant buckets, assign or drag members/staff to specific tasks to delegate with ease. The software takes care of everything else in the cloud, on your devices.

Microsoft Planner is a versatile general project/plan management system that is fully integrated with your Office 365 cloud ecosystem for your organization.

Here is a video link that gives you a better idea of how Planner can be utilized.

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