Modern Marketing Automation

Modern Marketing Automation
August 1, 2019 Comments Off on Modern Marketing Automation Uncategorized Fred Dickey

Today I have been working on a welcome email that is automatically sent out to our new clients. We use a time and expense system called Harvest to track our time and our expenses and invoice our customers. In order to actually invoice a new customer, we have to obtain an email address from the primary billing contact. This is going to happen one way or another, else we don’t get paid….lol So, ideally, we obtain this information upon first contact with a client. However, due to organized chaos, this sometimes doesn’t happen until we are looking at billable time for a client and need to plug that email address in after the fact. Regardless, at some point within a week or so of connecting with a new client, someone on our staff is going to key in that email address into Harvest.

Once that happens, the digital gears starts to turn. Within 15 minutes of that email address being entered, we have a third party script that detects a new contact was added to our Harvest tenant. It will automatically shoot out an invite email, asking them to subscribe to our mailing list. It will also automatically find/search for them on our Office 365 tenant and, if they don’t exist as a contact, automatically put their information there. If they have already been added, it will simply update their info with anything that wasn’t already there.

We are constantly looking for new, innovative ways to automate things. We do this because our time is a very valuable commodity and we would rather spend our time servicing our clients than trying to manage things that we could otherwise automate. Plus there is the organized chaos factor, where, if it was left solely to us, it might slip through the cracks and not get done. This is why we have automation at various levels for various internal processes. To help us along.

Now, if I could just think about a topic like this and have our website automatically type up what I am thinking and post it. That would be awesome. Alexa, engage Vulcan mind meld….

If you are looking for a way to automate some of the processes your business has whether it be for marketing or other processes, check with us and see if we can offer some suggestions or help in any way. You don’t always have to fork out tens of thousands of dollars these days to automate online processes like saying a friendly hello to your new clients via email. We utilize several automation tools in the cloud, one of which is already included in our Office 365 subscription. Your mileage will vary. Things like where your store your customer info, etc will determine what your options are. We can help you figure all that out though.

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