Remote Support Change in Billing

We have changed our billing policy on remote support after getting feedback from one of our customers.

Effective Today, June 21st, 2019, for break/fix remote support where you do not have a monthly support plan with us, our service rate will be billed in half hour increments with a minimum of one-half hour.

This means that if you call us for support and we remote in and get you fixed in five to 18 minutes, you will be charged $37.50 plus sales tax instead of $75 plus sales tax under a one hour minimum.

We haven’t changed our hourly rate, just the increments that will bill in. Onsite support will remain in one-hour increments with a one-hour minimum at our $75 per hour rate.

Please also note that if we are onsite for one hour and 5 minutes or even one hour and 10 minutes for a break/fix service call, we do not charge 2 hours for onsite. We round down until we exceed the 14 minute threshold.

We hope this billing policy change will make our remote support offering more enticing to potential customers.

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