My Experiences with Microsoft Edge Chromium Based Browser

My Experiences with Microsoft Edge Chromium Based Browser
April 24, 2019 Comments Off on My Experiences with Microsoft Edge Chromium Based Browser News Fred Dickey

As an IT professional I wanted to jump right into the developer version of Microsoft’s new Edge browser that is Chromium browser engine based. Chromium is the browser engine that Google’s Chrome web browser is based off of. Previously, Edge had its own proprietary browser engine that, like it’s now deprecated predecessor Internet Explorer, had many a buggy experience when navigating the web.

You may ask, why on earth would anyone want to use Edge that knows anything about changing web browsers? Well, Edge does have some advantages over Chrome, specifically when used in conjunction with Windows 10 and Microsoft/Office 365. One of the biggest advantages is single sign on for Microsoft Azure. If your Windows 10 workstation is fully joined to Azure (as opposed to simply being registered), then you never have to login to the Office portal website or any of the Office 365 web apps. This is because you are already logged into Azure via Windows and so have already been authenticated.

Edge Chromium, so far has given me the exact same responsiveness as Chrome minus the glitches with some of my work related websites and applications that I use when hitting them from the non-Chromium version of Edge. I have been running with the Chromium based Edge as my default browser in Windows 10 build 1809 ever since it was first released a couple weeks back. Looking forward to it being released to the general public. I am a heavy Google Chrome user and have been since long before Windows 10 first came out but I will be going to Edge…already have.

Oh yeah, you can give the Developer version of Edge a try by downloading it from here:

Update: Okay, apparently it does not have the single sign on function of Edge just yet in Edge Dev. It had remembered my signon information from importing my data from Edge or Google Chrome. When I reset the browser just a few moments ago, it prompted me for authentication on the Office 365 web portal despite my already being singed into Azure on the Windows 10 Azure joined machine. So guess that’s in the works. I know Microsoft was wanting to focus on the Chromium side of things first and then start adding Edge like features later without breaking it off into a fork of Chromium. They wish to remain truly open source. Been reading the forum posts.

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