Additional Changes to Our Monthly Support Plans

We are making an additional change to our monthly support plans. Our pricing hasn’t changed since we updated our plans in January and we are not making any changes to our current pricing. If you signed up for one of our monthly support plants around the time frame of last year to around the beginning of this year, you might be on an older plan which means your pricing won’t change to the updated pricing matrix until we do our regular six month review and revision of contract as per our Service Level Agreement.

In an effort increase the value of our monthly support plans and help our customers better budget their IT service and support needs, we now offer both onsite and remote support utilizing the banked support hours included in our monthly support plans. Previously, onsite support was at at additional monthly rate and most of our active monthly support plans were for remote support only with a discounted rate for onsite service when required.

This change means that if you are on one of our monthly support plans and you require an onsite visit, the only charge you may incur is a standard travel charge for customers outside of Cumberland County TN but within our onsite service area as indicated on our service map on our website.

If you are already subscribed to one of our monthly support plans, we will discuss this change with you the next time you reach out for service and get a written confirmation from you before applying this change in how we apply banked hours (onsite/remote) to your Service Level Agreement.

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