Fast Assist RMM Agent

So what can we do with our Remote Monitoring and Management agent?

You mean other than providing remote support, monitoring the status of and getting alerts from the Fast Assist Client Security antivirus, having the serial numbers and specs of your devices on file in the cloud in the event they get lost or stolen, being able to locate, lock and emit a siren on any mobile devices that our RMM agent is installed on?

Well, we can also do pretty much anything with managing your Windows device that could be done with Active Directory.  This includes automatically creating URL shortcuts for cloud based apps that your end users use right on their desktops, enforcing workstation lock policies when devices are left unattended, mapping network drives, configuring One Drive settings and various other remote registry modifications, etc.

The RMM agent can redeploy these settings automatically on a consistent basis so even if your end users delete shortcuts, it will simply recreate them.  We setup a URL shortcut for Office 365 and our own website using the favicons of those respective sites as the shortcuts icon.  Now we just assign those policies to the device groups we want them to show up on and the scripts take care of the rest.

It’s like having Group Policy Objects without needing a server or Active Directory.

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