Office 365 Connections being phased out

Office 365 Connections being phased out
September 20, 2018 Comments Off on Office 365 Connections being phased out Main Fred Dickey

Beginning on November 30th, 2018 Microsoft will no longer offer the Business Center Connections service through Office 365.  In fact, Listings will also be phased out from what we understand.

Other services under the Business Center app such as Bookings will be their own app on Office 365.

Microsoft is offering a free one year subscription to a third party email marketing service for qualifying users as well as the ability to export your current campaign data including email lists.

We haven’t really gotten too far with email marketing for ourselves.  It’s kind of been obsoleted just a little bit by both the browser notifications function that allows a website to pop up notifications natively in Windows 10 using whatever HTML5 compliant browser web site visitors have plus social media.  So it’s no big deal for us, but it might be for you.

Here is the contents of the email we received:

You are receiving this email because our reporting indicates one or more people in your business have accessed the Microsoft Connections email marketing app as part of your Office 365 Business Premium subscription. We are writing to let you know that this app is being retired. Starting November 30, 2018, you will no longer have access to Microsoft Connections.

If you have used Microsoft Connections to send marketing emails, you can visit the Office 365 Business center before November 30, 2018 to download your campaigns, campaign stats, subscribed and unsubscribed contacts, and mailing lists.

To help you maintain continuity in your email marketing efforts, we’ve worked with Constant Contact to provide a free one-year subscription for eligible customers*. To redeem this offer, please call Constant Contact at 800-261-6381 in US & Canada or 0808-234-9315 in UK and give them your unique promo code: CL9R17. Constant Contact will also assist you in importing your contacts from Connections and help get you started.

Please contact Microsoft support if you have more questions about Microsoft Connections.

We know changes like this can be challenging, and apologize for any inconvenience this causes you.


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