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We now have our website news feed tied into our Twitter and Facebook accounts, so now anything we post in our news feed on our website automatically shows on our Twitter page and Facebook page.  You can also subscribe to our email list from our website if you do not follow social media.
You can now book appointments with our techs online for your convenience. When you book an appointment, our system will show you real time availability. No need to call us to see if we can schedule you in for support. You can book an appointment automatically by going to our website and clicking the “Book an Appointment” link. We also have a “Book an Appointment” button on our Facebook page.
Speaking of support, we now offer several tiers of onsite/remote support plans that you can subscribe to. Details about these support plans can be found on our website and we can quote you a monthly support plan that is geared towards your size of organization from small to large businesses. By being subscribed to one of our premium support plans, you can get discounted hourly rate for our services, not to mention bundled time per month and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for guaranteed response time.
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