The immediate benefit of Office 365

The immediate benefit of Office 365
June 6, 2018 Comments Off on The immediate benefit of Office 365 Main Fred Dickey

If you have a business and you use Microsoft Office related products and/or simply use a system where you have email, calendar and contacts, you really need to take a look at the cost effectiveness of Microsoft Office 365.  It has one immediate and huge benefit over a perpetual licensed version of Office 2016, 2013 or 2010 and that is instant updates.

With Office 365 you can subscribe to either a $6 per month per mailbox plan where everything, including your apps are web based in the cloud, called Office 365 Essentials or you can get a fuller version of the Office 365 license, for $15 per mailbox per month (it’s even less if you commit to one year), that gives you whatever the latest desktop applications are for Office, which is NOT Office 2016, etc.   There is no versioning with Office 365 as far as the end user is concerned.  Whatever new updates, like voice dictation, that Office 365 releases is instantly applied to your desktop app the second it is released.

You can mix and match licensing between Essentials and the fuller desktop license as well depending upon what type of license each of your staff needs are.  And here is the best part, your licenses are not bound to your end users.  If you go to Staples and purchase one of those scratch off cards for an Office license key, that key becomes bound to whatever email address, business or private, that the license is activated with and is non-transferable.  If you buy an OEM version of the desktop Office apps that comes bundled with your computer, it is bound to that device.  If you subscribe to the license through Office 365, you can snatch that license away from an end user in two clicks and reallocate it to another end user.

It is not bound to a particular device.  In fact, one end user can install Office 365 apps on up to five devices, presumably, their office computer, their personal laptop, their mobile smartphone, etc.  There are no restrictions.  And the second that employee is no longer employed by you and you reallocate that license somewhere else?  All their installations are deactivated and they are prompted to purchase their own license or key in a valid license/login with a licensed account from their new employer.  The point is, you keep every single license you paid for or can chuck them or add licenses as needed through out time without having to worry about it being bound to an individual or device.

Microsoft Office 365 is one area of Microsoft where the benefits of using their service really shines for the business owners out there.

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