Windows 10 Spring 2018 Update and Third Party Antivirus

There is a new build of Windows 10 that is starting to deploy to machines that may cause you to get a strange error message saying “Windows 10 could not be installed” despite you already having Windows 10.  It may cite your antivirus either by a name you recognize or in a more cryptic fashion saying it isn’t compatible.  You won’t be able to update to the latest build of Windows 10 until you either update your antivirus to a version that supports the latest build released this spring or uninstall your third party antivirus.  The error window will only have a refresh button which does absolutely nothing until you rectify the problem.

This is because the latest build of Windows 10 is a game changer for Antivirus software.  There are new security requirements built into the latest build that requires that all third party antivirus developers update their software to be in compliance with Windows 10’s new Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Exploit Guard.

Third party antivirus companies have had several months to update their software so it might be just a simple downloading and installing of the latest update from your antivirus provider.

And yes, our own antivirus/security client offering works quite well with Windows 10 build 1803.

Detailed information about the changes with build 1803 of Windows 10 is available in the video below:


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