HTTP is dead, long live HTTPS

Watch this short video for a simple explanation on why you need a secure website for your business.

Fast Assist can assist you by recommending the best options for your specific situation when it comes to obtaining an SSL/TLS certificate for your website.  There are many factors to consider including who your current web hosting provider is, what SSL certificate services you can technically implement on their site.  For example, if you do not have an ecommerce web site or you pass the ecommerce side of things off to a third party payment processor, you can simply obtain a free SSL/TLS certificate via Let’s Encrypt.  That is how we obtain SSL/TLS certificates for websites that we host, so long as they are not actually processing financial transactions.  We have scripts in place on our hosting server that automate the renewal process of those certificates so that they do not expire.  Watch the video and get in touch with us if you need assistance getting your website into compliance as an HTTPS based web site.  This could mean it would be more cost effective to move away from your current hosting provider if they do not offer SSL/TLS, implementing a certificate such as Let’s Encrypt is not an option due to how they host sites, and/or they offer heavily inflated rates for what SSL/TLS certificates that they do offer.

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