Fast Assist Comodo Client Security (Fast Assist CCS)

Fast Assist Comodo Client Security (Fast Assist CCS)
April 5, 2018 Comments Off on Fast Assist Comodo Client Security (Fast Assist CCS) Uncategorized Fred Dickey

Is your current antivirus leaving you feeling a little lack luster?

Is it asking you stupid questions you don’t know the right answers to?

Is that annual subscription renewal fee grating on your last nerve?

Or is it expired and leaving you completely wide open?

Does it stop malware too?

If your answer is yes to any, except for the last question then we have a sweet deal for you.  For the introductory and total price of FREE, we offer enterprise level antivirus and malware protection for your system.  It doesn’t ask you stupid questions.  It doesn’t ask you anything.  It just protects.  It identifies known malicious processes, unknown processes and known non-malicious processes based on multiple analysis vectors including old fashioned virus definitions combined with cloud based automatic, artificial intelligence analysis and if it is still uncertain, then human cyber security engineers get involved in the process.

We have been testing this security suite for a long time and it is definitely the best, non-intrusive but most effective security software around.  A combination of our Fast Assist IT Security Management RMM agent along with our Fast Assist Comodo Client Security will keep your Windows or Mac computer in top shape security wise with antivirus, anti-malware and security patch management that rivals any other solution out there.

This is not an antivirus that you can download off the web.  This is a cloud based, remotely managed and monitored solution.  Your kid can’t accidentally uninstall it.  Your employee can’t intentionally get rid of it.  It is remotely managed.  If you ever do want to get rid of it, you simply open another ticket and we will send the remote removal commands for it to automatically uninstall.

The Remote Management and Monitoring software also allows our expert technicians to remote into your system, with you on the phone, to assist you with any other technical issues.  It inventories your system’s serial number and specs and installed software and performs many other maintenance functions to make sure your system is both protected and in peak system state.

How do you get this awesome security suite?  Simple!  Just open a trouble ticket on our website and we will email you a link that will allow you to install it.  If you own or manage a business, please indicate that in your ticket and we will reach out to you about deploying this onto your company network as a complimentary security suite as well as tell you about several optional features your business might be interested in that is included in our monthly support maintenance plans.

Does it support Windows XP you might ask?  You seriously running XP?!?!?!  Well, we don’t officially support XP (our support is best effort when it comes to XP) but yes, this security suite works on XP, at least for now, which is a dream send if you are running that old, deprecated OS that was sent to pasture long ago.  Because that means this is the most state of the art antivirus that will work on an XP platform.  You won’t get any new patches of course, because Microsoft stopped patching XP long ago, but at least you can run some effective security software.

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