Suspicious Security Fear Mongering on AMD by Viceroy Research and CTS Labs

Obviously someone is trying to make up things about AMD, probably one of their competitors or according to this video, someone who even says in their own words that is linked to the report that they have a position on AMD’s stock, meaning that they are losing money from trying to short the stock and so cooked up this report in an attempt to stifle the trending growth in AMD stock.

In case you didn’t know, AMD Ryzen is the latest line of processors from AMD that has been giving Intel a real run for their money.

In a nutshell, don’t give root/administrator access to people who you don’t trust and don’t also¬†give them the ability to flash your bios. Basically, don’t hand them your administrator username/password.

If you have UAC (User Access Control) disabled because some software you use is written so poorly that it requires it to be turned off, you need to either get the software developer to fix their crap or find another software solution. UAC is that feature that has existed since Windows 7 where, even though you have administrator access, the OS prompts you before allowing any software to make any major changes to your system configuration, which would most definitely include flashing your BIOS.

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