Smart Watches

Smart Watches
March 7, 2018 Comments Off on Smart Watches Uncategorized Fred Dickey

I haven’t had any experience with the Apple watches.  While I work on Apple devices I am not a huge fan of them.  I was leaning towards the Samsung Gear line of smart watches until I found out back in October that Fitbit planned to release their own smart watch.  I have been running around with the Fitbit Charge HR tracker ever since it first came out.  I am further embedded into the Fitbit ecosystem with the weigh scale in my bathroom.  I had been well pleased with my Charge HR, other than one tiny design flaw in their wristband that caused it to bubble up after being exposed to sun light for extended amounts of time.  In my case, this was usually in the car that this occurred.

So back around the end of November, I threw down the cash for the Fitbit Ionic.  I even played around with their developers kit and began developing a custom clock face.  This was before they released the app gallery for third party apps at the end of December.  Am I pleased with the Ionic? For my purposes, yes!  I have read that it could use some improvement in the music department, like support Amazon, Google and Spotify.  At the moment it only supports Pandora and MP3’s for offline playback.

It’s no Dick Tracy watch, although supposedly, you can answer calls on it with a bluetooth pair of earbuds that have a mic but I never have gotten around to getting me a set of bluetooth earbuds yet, so I can’t test that out.  I do know that it has a blood oxygen sensor in it that is relatively untapped at the moment, due to some regulations that are pending change.  It also has some pretty awesome battery life as I forgot my charging cable for it on a rush to hit the road to Virginia for a family emergency.  I was gone for almost an entire week.  On the fifth day, I returned home and my Ionic was still going albeit extremely low on charge level.  It was at 97% when I threw my bags together and took off.

I had always held out for a smart watch  that didn’t have to be charged every single night, and that’s exactly what I have.  With the latest firmware update, it is a lot snappier than it was when it first hit the store shelves and I have a custom clock face on mine now that flood my screen with all kinds of information.  The clock face cost my about $3 and was worth it.

While Fitbit’s stocks are not very encouraging at the moment, I think they still have a chance of holding their own market wise.  I’m looking forward to whatever future products they release.  However, I didn’t jump on the bandwagon for their bluetooth earbuds.  I’m sure they are awesome, but I can’t justify the price for waterproof buds that I can get for a third of the cost on Amazon.  So I’ll pass on their earbuds.

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