Fiber Internet, Gigabit for $60 bucks and change for VEC customers

So, if you live in Cumberland County TN (or any other area serviced by Volunteer Electric, and you would like to get Twin Lakes Fiber to your business or home in the near future. Go to this website and let these guys know you are interested. There is no commitment. The more interest increases priority for the area. There are three speed/pricing tiers of course, but the one I am interested in the most is the full 1 Gigabit at $60 bucks and change per month which is what I am paying now for 18Mbps.


And don’t forget to express your interest by filling out the form.

It will say you are not in the service area or planned service area, but that’s okay. Also, you need to fill it out from a computer that is on your current ISP service because it will log a speed test as well to qualify you. The VEC rep I spoke directly to told me to fill it out anyhow and if they get enough interest for Cumberland County, they will plan to expand here. It might be a year out or so but it will happen and since VEC owns the telephone poles used, I don’t think they will hit any road blocks with bureaucratic red tape and other such nonsense getting it to where it needs to go.

We need this, and we need it bad!


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